Genius Hour Reflection Blog Post

Four months ago me and my classmates were introduced to something called Genius Hour. It was new to us but very intriguing. We could research a lot of topics and we were given time in class to do that. As time passed we gained more knowledge on each of our topics which we were to present to the class. To be honest the presentation was kind of nerve racking to a lot of us because it was worth a lot of our grade and grades really matter in some of our family’s. We were given a lot of time in class to work on Genius hour and when we were almost done we were also given time to work on how we were going to present.

Genius hour was a long project that had been going on for about 4 months from August 23 2017. I have learned a lot about a variety of topics because of genius hour. For example the presentations gave me a good understanding of a variety of topics such as: sports,coding and how to become many things such as; A sports manager, Doctor and many other different topics.

My genius hour project was how to become a doctor. Being a doctor was always a plan b of mine given the fact that I want to became a soccer player one day. Doctors always interested me, they are well payed and also well respected. I am the type that like to see stuff like puss and pop pimples. But also I like sports and that is why I also presented how many years orthopedic surgeons have to go to college for and what they have to do. For example they have to go to college for a total of 15 years.

They are doctors that normally focus on bones, ligaments and muscles. So they are basically sports doctors.

The benefits of Genius hour is that now I now information off the top of my head. That is also a big advantage because we could learn a variety of topics and if could even gives us advice of how we should live or could change our minds of what to do as a career job. Technology is always improving by the second. There have been many new jobs that you can just do at home with just a computer. As time moves there will be many other jobs and also that would be taken over by robots.

Overall I have now learnt a lot from Genius hour and I hope that a lot of of other people feel the same. I would like to do Genius hour again because it was fun and interesting to learn new stuff from my classmates that I never knew before. I am excited to see what other people have learned and thought about Genius hour. I am also excited for the 8th graders that are soon to be highschoolers and lets see what they think of Genius hour.

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